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Christine Sederquist of Leander City Council, Place 4


I’m Christine Sederquist and I’m proud to be the mayor of Leander, Texas.  Prior to being elected mayor in May of 2021, I served a three-year term as Place 4 on the Leander City Council. I moved to Leander in 2010, which means I’ve been here long enough to proudly claim myself as a Texan! When we first came to Leander, our family lived in Northcreek Estates, on the Northwest side of town. We lived there through the Great Road Widening of 2243 (and yes, I know it’s called ‘Hero Way West’ now, but it will always be ‘2243’). During our years in Northcreek, I was active at my children’s school: Jim Plain Elementary, where I was in the PTA, first as Secretary, then President, then semi-retired to fundraising chair (if your kids brought home little lanyards of penguins or ducks, they probably had a visit from me).


After a few years in Northcreek, we built a house in the then-barely-opened Mason Hills subdivision where we have been ever since. It was a zoning change next to our neighborhood shortly after moving in that eventually turned me toward local politics. I felt like nobody knew what was best for my neighborhood better than those of us who lived here. It’s like your family, right? You see them every day and you understand them in ways that nobody else can. Our pleas to the City Council fell on mostly deaf ears. What the actual what? How could my elected officials not care?


Change became a theme I saw all over town the next few years: the changing landscape of Leander as more and more homes and monolithic apartment complexes were built; the change within my children, as their ages became double digits and they aged out of city activities; and the slow change of a town that just a few years ago was fully connected, to a collection of neighborhoods where residents suddenly had many degrees of separation from the City’s decision-makers.


Thank you, Leander, for allowing me to represent you. It’s an honor and I will do my best to earn it each and every day.